UV Sunmeter

Ultraviolet radiation detector

The UV Sunmeter (Solmáforo) is a device designed for the measurement of the "Ultraviolet Index"; a relevant number for the care of human health. The UV radiation received by the sensor is transformed into a signal that turns on a colored light according to a protocol designed by the World Health Organization, WHO.

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How does it work

The UV Sunmeter indicates the level of UV radiation with 5 colors, from Low to Extreme. Each color can also be used to get the recommended time of safely exposure.

EXTREME: Avoid exposure. Shirt, sunscreen and hat are a must!

VERY HIGH : Avoid being outside during midday hours! Make sure you seek shade!

HIGH:Slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat!

MODERATE: Seek shade during midday hours!

LOW: You can safely stay outside!

Optoelectronica Icalma is an innovative technology company, manufacturer of optical tools for companies and professional users. Our company has been working with the Chilean National Cancer Corporation in the prevention of the risks of ultraviolet radiation since 2001. Our company was founded in 1996, and since then it has delivered optical and electronic solutions to different companies and institutions.

We are oriented to solve the needs of our customers, so most of our products have been developed from the interaction and knowledge of the problems of the users. Therefore, we have specialized in the following areas:

  • Manufacture of the Solmáforo and portable UV detectors
  • Ultraviolet radiation measurements
  • Calibration of ultraviolet equipment
  • Measurement of UV radiation transmission

Solmáforo in San Pedro de Atacama

Fidae 2012, Santiago

Solmáforo in a mining company, IV Region

Launching a Solmáforo in Santiago

Solmáforo in a beach in Iquique

Solmáforo in Miraflores Beach, Perú

Solmáforo in the municipal pool, Quilicura

Solmáforo in Ovalle Square

Solmaphore located in the center of Sky La Parva, in the interior of Santiago, Chile. Sponsored by CONAC

Solmáforo located in the Concepcion Square, Chile


Other customers: Sun Safe Schools UK, Santo Domingo Municipality, Endesa, Cap


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Telephone: (+56) 9 8218 8467

Email: solmaforo@gmail.com

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